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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes. In fact, we are the largest independent landowner of willow crop on the island of Ireland and intend to increase our land holding by 600-700 acres per year. Doing so will ensure a secure supply of raw material well into the future. Unlike most of the other solid fuel providers, this allows us to have a 100% indigenous, carbon-neutral product with a continuous supply of material for our production process. We do not need to import raw materials, fossil fuels or other additives that are currently seen in the marketplace.

Our briquettes are suitable to all open fires, stoves, chimineas and outdoor settings.

As the WillowWarm Briquette is one of the most heavy and dense fuel types in the market, is ideal for maintaining your fire.

Because they contain less moisture, WillowWarm products offer a cleaner burn with “high heat efficiency.” By “high heat efficiency,” we mean that when dried, fuels like ours burn, a higher percentage of the heat goes directly towards the heat output, rather than the drying of the fuel first. As no energy is needed to first evaporate water in the fuel, dried fuel provides the most consistent operating cost. With its low moisture content, WillowWarm products therefore give off more heat per unit burned and a higher heat efficiency, resulting in a long, clean burn.

Short Rotation Coppice (SRC) is a specialised form of crop that involves growing high-yielding trees at close spacing to be harvested at regular intervals (usually every two years). Willow is a species that coppices well. This means that when cut back, it will re-sprout from the stump, producing multiple new, fast-growing shoots that are suitable for energy production. 

Using energy crops for heating reduces greenhouse gases (GHG), such as carbon dioxide (CO2), by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. Energy crops such as willow are particularly useful at reducing greenhouse gas emissions by removing carbon dioxide from the air and storing carbon in the soil whilst they are growing (through photosynthesis); therefore, willow crops are helping us meet our climate change targets here in Ireland.

WillowWarm briquettes produce less than 3% ash and no sulphur, leaving you with less cleaning of your chimney and surrounding areas. Any ash that is produced by these 100% natural products can be disposed of in the garden with no adverse effect to plant life, making them clean for both your home and the environment.

Any carbon dioxide (CO2) produced during the burning of our finished product is completely offset by the growing stage of the willow crops themselves, as they take CO2 from the air through photosynthesis. In essence, the more willow that is grown, the more CO2 that is removed from the atmosphere, creating a cleaner environment.

We have engaged with the leading sustainable forestry harvesters to collect the remaining tree residues that would normally be left to rot in a recently harvested forest. This means that we do not cut down any trees as a part of our process; instead, we prevent waste by using these forest residuals that would otherwise be discarded and left to rot. This technique is new to the industry, increasing efficiency and sustainability in forestry.

Willow is a crop rather than a wood type. The wood that we blend our Willow with is a softwood as most of the forests in Ireland are from the softwood family.

No. WillowWarm products are 100% natural, with zero additives or binders included.

Compressed with incredibly high pressure, our briquettes are denser and hold less moisture than traditional briquettes (less than 10% moisture). Our briquettes are made from 100% natural material, and as they contain no additives or artificial ignition ingredients, they take a bit longer to light than traditional briquettes. However, once lit, they will produce powerful heat with a long, clean burn.

Once established in a fire setting, one briquette should last for well over an hour.

WillowWarm is a Certified Member of Repak under the European Packaging Regulations 2014. All of our packaging is fully recyclable and can be placed in your recycling bin.

As our product has a moisture content of less than 10% and is made of organic matter, this means that the material is hygroscopic. (it is looking for water).

To keep the product completely sealed, we needed to heat seal the packaging to ensure the product arrives intact to your fireplace or stove.

Our WillowWarm Briquette product is hydroscopic as it is dried to less than 10% moisture – and water is it’s enemy so keep it DRY. WillowWarm Briquettes should ideally be stored indoors, but if stored outdoors it should be positioned off the ground in a fully covered rainproof container. If WillowWarm is kept dry it will provide you with a long, clean burn.

Yes, our distributors can arrange for bulk purchase prices delivery services. Email [email protected] for more information.

You can find a full list of stockists nationwide here.

There are 10 briquettes per bale/pack.

Shamrock Renewable Products is registered as a fuel supplier with the Irish Environmental Protection Agency (registration number F0061-01) in accordance with the Solid Fuel Regulations Act 2018/2023 and is certified under the Wood Fuel Quality Assurance (WFQA), Woodsure UK “Ready to Burn” certification. Our fuel is classified as one of the cleanest fuel types in the solid fuel market. These accreditations confirm that WillowWarm Briquettes meet the required regulations in Ireland and the UK Air Quality Standard 2020 Part 2 for Domestic Solid Fuel.

WillowWarm Briquettes are certified Guaranteed Irish and are a certified member of Repak under the European Packaging Regulations 2014.

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