Our Vision

Why WillowWarm?

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Our Vision

At WillowWarm, our vision is to be part of Ireland’s solution to becoming a true carbon neutral society by introducing our indigenous, sustainable products to the market. 

All of our products carry the Guaranteed Irish symbol; they are made from a blend of 100% renewable, Irish-grown willow and biomass. None of our willow crops are cut down at any stage of our process. While most other crops must be ploughed, re-planted or re-seeded on an annual basis, willow has a lifespan of about 36 years and is generally harvested every two years.

Achieving a carbon neutral Ireland

Willow plantations support the local and national agricultural community by offering farmers and landowners land diversification with a sustainable future. All our plantations are located within 25 miles of our production facility, ensuring transportation and logistics are kept to a minimum for true carbon-neutral status. Willow is a unique energy crop with many benefits. As the largest owner of willow on the island of Ireland, we want people who are equally excited about achieving a carbon-neutral status to join us.

This makes our briquettes the sustainable choice for you and your family. Because it’s time we feel good about the heat sources we bring into the home.

Suitable to all open fires, stoves, chiminea, and more, our renewable products are clean for your home and the environment. These premium willow briquettes have a high heat efficiency with a moisture content of less than 10%, meaning they give off more heat with a long burn that’s cleaner than that of traditional briquettes. Our briquettes produce low ash (less than 3%), resulting in less cleaning of your chimney and surrounding areas. With less mess to clean, you can spend more time around the fire making memories with loved ones – all the while knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment. 


WillowWarm is the true carbon-neutral solid fuel alternative. Our products are carbon neutral, made from willow and other sustainably farmed wood by-products.

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