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About WillowWarm

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Achieving a carbon-neutral Ireland

The production of WillowWarm Briquettes was founded with one goal in mind: to help Ireland become a true carbon-neutral society by introducing our indigenous, carbon-neutral product to the Irish market.

Based in the heartland of the Royal County of Meath, we support the agriculture sector across Ireland. As a result, WillowWarm Briquettes have provided farmers and landowners with an opportunity to diversify their land, using it in a more sustainable and economically viable way. 

As a 100% Irish-owned company, we are proud to support the Irish economy while providing sustainable Irish jobs within the communities we serve – all the while working toward achieving a carbon-neutral Ireland.




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Our Vision

At WillowWarm, we’re warming for a brighter future. By creating a carbon neutral and 100% natural briquette, our aim is to help Ireland transition to renewable heat by providing sustainable, efficient, economic products for everyday use.

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