Man's hands holding wood pellets and a WillowWarm Briquette

Our Sustainability

WillowWarm is Ireland’s carbon-neutral, solid fuel alternative. Our products are made from willow and other sustainably farmed wood by-products.


100% renewable, 100% indigenous

100% Irish wood sustainably grown

It all begins with willow. Willow is a Short Rotation Coppice (SRC) perennial crop, which means that once harvested, the crop is regrown. While most other crops must be ploughed, re-planted, or re-seeded on an annual basis, willow has a lifespan of about 36 years. Thus, once planted, willow provides 36 years of continuous crop production without the need for annual ploughing, re-seeding, or re-planting. Instead, it is simply re-harvested every two years, and the cycle continues, making it the sustainable option for Ireland.

Once the willow is harvested, it is sent for manufacturing in our state of the art briquette manufacturing facility in Balrath, County Meath. The carbon dioxide (CO2) produced during the burning of our finished product is completely offset during the growing stage by the willow crops themselves, as they take CO2 from the air through photosynthesis. In essence, the more willow that is planted, the more CO2 that is removed from the atmosphere, creating a cleaner environment.

This renewable, carbon-neutral crop is the way of the future, benefitting not only the environment but also the Irish agricultural sector and the Irish economy at large, with an enormous financial benefit to the farmers we work with. Grown on farmland located close to our manufacturing facility, willow provides alternative land use for farmers and landowners alike while allowing for a 100% indigenous and sustainable crop capable of supplying the nation with a carbon-neutral solid fuel.

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Our Vision

At WillowWarm, we’re warming for a brighter future. By creating a carbon neutral and 100% natural briquette, our aim is to help Ireland transition to renewable heat by providing sustainable, efficient, economic products for everyday use.

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