How to use WillowWarm Briquettes

Woman closing door of stove which is burning WillowWarm Briquettes

As our WillowWarm Briquettes are one of the most heavy and dense fuel types in the market, they are ideal for maintaining your fire.

Because they contain less moisture, WillowWarm Briquettes offer a cleaner burn with high heat efficiency, meaning that when dried a higher percentage of the heat goes directly towards the heat output, rather than the drying of the fuel first. As no energy is needed to first evaporate water in the fuel, dried fuel provides the most consistent operating cost. With its low moisture content, WillowWarm products therefore give off more heat per unit burned and a higher heat efficiency, resulting in a long, clean burn.

Steps to ensure you are using your WillowWarm Briquettes efficiently

1. Establish your fire as normal e.g., with kindling etc.

2. Use no more than two to three WillowWarm Briquettes initially. Any more may cause the fire to choke or go out due to the weight/density of the briquettes. The briquettes are purposely heavy and dense which guarantees a long burn time with the structure lasting for much longer than many other wood fuels.

Willow Warm - How to Light a Fire

3. Pitch two briquettes up against the kindling which has just been lit. This increases the surface area of the briquette and helps the fire to catch.

Willow Warm - How to Light a Fire

4. Once the two briquettes have caught fire, place one more on top horizontally. This traps the fire more, contains the fire in the combustion chamber for longer (as opposed to having more fire and heat lost by escaping up the chimney flue).

Willow Warm - How to Light a Fire

Willow Warm - How to Light a Fire

5. Allow all fuel to burn. Once established in a fire setting, one briquette should last for well over an hour then add one or two more briquettes to re-charge the fire. However, we all have our how levels of comfort when it comes to how cosy we like a room to be and it’s worth bearing in mind that houses can very much differ as to how they retain heat. Judge for yourself as to when you need to add more fuel.

Willow Warm - How to Light a Fire

6. Lastly, sit back and enjoy a WillowWarm Briquette fire.

Willow Warm - How to Light a Fire

Willow Warm - How to Light a Fire

Added benefits

One of the added benefits of WillowWarm Briquettes are they produce less than 3% ash and no sulphur meaning you have less cleaning to do of your chimney and surrounding areas. Let’s face it, no one enjoys the prospect of getting up each morning to clean a fire!

As WillowWarm Briquettes are 100% natural, any ash produced can be disposed of in the garden with no adverse effect to plant life, making them clean for both your home and the environment. How can you go wrong?


Remember!! Store your WillowWarm Briquettes indoors ideally, but if not, in a rainproof container positioned off the ground. The product is hydroscopic as it is dried to less than 10% moisture – and water is it’s enemy so keep it DRY.

Safety tips!

  • Always store WillowWarm Briquettes in a dry location away from a stove or open fire
  • Never leave an open fire without a spark guard
  • Always ensure that a stove or fireplace has adequate ventilation for safe combustion.
  • Regularly maintain your chimney and have it cleaned by a proper chimney sweep.
  • Use WillowWarm Briquettes with high efficiency air regulated stoves and open fires fitted with a flue damper.
  • Always have your stove or fireplace maintained by a qualified technician.